Master Astrologer Virginia Sundin


"Virginia Sundin has been my trusted astrologer for the past twenty-five years and my teacher for the past eight years. I have a profound respect for this woman who consistently provides a refreshing and uplifting interpretation of one's unique
journey through the stars as set out in our natal charts. In a reading with Virginia, life's challenges will become illuminated which often provides one with a sense of validation. More importantly, Virginia's intuitive nature will discern the "way out" of tough aspects. When hope is restored, healing begins!
As a being of love, Virginia is eager to share information about other modalities of healing as well as healers within in her own community." - Susan Bellamy Bolos, Duluth, MN

“I have known the amazing Virginia Sundin now for over 28 years. She has become my endeared and revered mentor and friend! Before meeting Virginia I had many astrological consultations and quickly realized I had found the best of the best! Virginia always gives 100% when advising her clients. Not only does she have a rich, eclectic astrological background and training, she is a gifted and natural intuitive as well. Her innate kindness, empathy and compassion always shines bright. Virginia has touched thousands of clients over the years. Virginia is an exemplary example of immersing oneself in authentic spiritual living and truly owning ones gifts to use for the highest, betterment of all! I am blessed to know her!” • Intuitive and Life Coach, Suzann Prokosch • January 2015 omage of suzann prokosh

Virginia; "Thank-you from the bottom of my soul for yesterday's reading. It was truly life-altering. I woke up today with a newly refreshed and beautiful perspective on my life.
I feel like my journey has just begun and I am deeply excited for what I will learn, accomplish and pursue.
I pray to the universe that I will see you again and be able to benefit from your gorgeous energy and abundant knowledge!
With my deepest gratitude". - Melissa O. Duluth, MN

“I had my first consultation with Virginia during a surprise lay off from a company I had worked at 6 years ago. It was a stressful time but through Virginia’s astrology expertise, she was able to see potential times and offers that could evolve based on my chart. She assured me I would not be jobless for long and would more than likely be offered a better salary. In less than 6 weeks I had a new job offer with better pay. Not only did her interpretation from my chart come to fruition, she was able to give me the encouragement confidence to move forward. I would recommend her to anyone!” - Steve, Field Apps Engineer