Master Astrologer Virginia Sundin

image of astrologer virginia sundinServing as a professional astrologer for over 40 years, Virginia Sundin has mastered both the art and science of astrology.

People everywhere have grown to know, love and respect her for the caring, warm and professional approach she's applied to the science of studying the Zodiac.

Her steadfast devotion to accuracy and her keen talent for the interpretation of personal charts have helped her establish a reputation as a leading authority among students of astrology.

Applying the knowledge taught by her teachers; renown mentors like Norman Arens and Carl Helm, Virginia Sundin has herself, achieved the status of “Master Astrologer”.

Following in her predecessors footsteps, Sundin is available to share her knowledge with you, the student of astrology. She is available to help as you travel along the path to becoming a Master in your own right.

Rest assured, Virginia continues to provide personal consultations too. So even if you're not an eager student striving to become a master, she's still here to help you!

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Virginia Sundin Master Astrologer, Carver, MN